Forbes: Top Grill Manufacturers Ignite Passion To Cook From Home During Pandemic – Copy

Forbes: Top Grill Manufacturers Ignite Passion To Cook From Home During Pandemic – Copy

Forbes Online / May 14, 2020 / Unique Monthly Visitors: 28,307,082: Cuisinart’s #FireUpTheFlavor Campaign and SMK0036AS, as well as commentary from campaign partner Matthew Jennings are featured in a roundup of top grill manufactures encouraging to cook at home during the pandemic.

One silver lining to emerge from the COVID-19 chaos is a renewed passion for cooking. While the secret recipe to creating the ideal cooking experience is certainly up for debate, most would agree it involves eating great food and drink with family and friends while sharing a few laughs—all things we desperately crave in this new normal of social distancing and surgical masks.

“As Americans adjust to home confinement, their confidence in the kitchen has soared with many saying they will carry on with their cooking habits even after the world returns to a new normal,” according to this new survey by food and beverage communications firm HUNTER.

As we enter grilling season, top manufacturers are turning up the heat with new innovations and social programs to keep consumers engaged during this challenging time.

Cuisinart Fires Up the Flavor

For the entire month of May, Cuisinart Grilling and Full Heart Hospitality featuring Chef’s Matt Jennings and Jason Rose will be launching #FireUpTheFlavor campaign. Each Friday, Cuisinart BBQ Instagram will drop a new video highlighting a family friendly recipe idea that can be cooked up on the Woodcreek 4-in-1 Pellet Grill which offers the versatility to smoke, sear, griddle, and grill across 862 square inches of cooking space.

“At an unprecedented time in our history, when our social circles temporarily grow smaller and more intimate, we are reminded of what it means to engage with one another in new and meaningful ways,” said Matthew Jennings, the founder of Full Heart Hospitality. “The connection to one another we create through food and cooking, and the collective experiences around the grill have never been more relevant or poignant.” 

Cuisinart Grilling and Full Heart Hospitality have agreed to collectively donate $12,500 to No Kid Hungry to provide necessary meals and services to those children and families who will be facing hard times due to COVID-19.

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